A working environment committed to replenishing the landscape

A beautiful estate on the Roseland in Cornwall with a hidden industrial history

Growing specialist crops to benefit well being

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The Trelonk Story

Trelonk is a beautiful farm and estate close to the banks of the tidal River Fal, in the heart of Cornwall. At Trelonk we are harnessing new technologies and sustainable farming practices to grow calendula (marigolds) and other specialist oil seed crops that can be used as ingredients for health and wellness products.

Trelonk Farm has diversified its cropping and its approach, utilising scientific breakthroughs in horticulture and regenerative agricultural practices, allowing us to offer a truly environmentally responsible product to the wholesale market.

All of our products are fully traceable to our single origin in Cornwall. The estate has been farming for generations – and will be for many generations to come.

Potential Trelonk Oil Product Range

What we are farming

We are farming nutrient dense oil seed crops to create specialist oils for use in nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other wellbeing and health products. In addition to calendula, our crops include borage, sunflowers, camelina, roses & mustard.

Growing and processing through cold pressing on site ensures full traceability and authenticity of the products, governed end-to-end by our strong environmental credentials.

 Our plant based ingredients are not only high-quality, but come with a compelling backstory that will differentiate your end product from those of competitors. Soil to oil no additives!

wholesale calendula oils

Calendula oil is known for encouraging healthy hair and skin. Calendula oil is a key ingredient found in a broad range of consumer products including soaps, lotions, fragrances and more. We are able to supply a full chemical analysis of our product, upon request. 

Our single estate calendula oil is available for wholesale purchase in the following forms:

Refined Calendula Oil: The seed is pressed and filtered of impurities on site. Available in 1 litre sealed containers (minimum order quantity applies).

Unrefined Calendula Oil: Pressed, but not filtered, this seed oil retains natural waxes and sediment. Available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.

White Label Consumer Bottles: Our single estate calendula oil bottled ready for your own branding and sale. Available in various sizes and quantities. (Pure/Not pure/Blended with carrier?) (minimum order quantity applies).

 Calendula Seed: Bulk quantities available for oil extraction use only.

Plant seed oils

wholesale enquiries

country stewardship scheme

We are working towards a Mid-Tier stewardship scheme beginning in 2020.

The aim is to deliver significant and accountable ecological gains for the local environment, from the provision of new habitat and sustenance for wildlife to the protection of important water courses and the improvement of air quality.

Here at Trelonk, we have many landscape features that deserve protection and maintenance due to their cultural and historical significance.

The scheme also us to preserve and protect our hedgerows, woodland and water courses for generations to come.

meet our team


Adam Parnall – Farm Manager

Adam heads up the estate management team at Trelonk. As a member of the Parnall family which has farmed the land for generations,, Adam has a deep understanding of the company’s heritage and he is now taking Trelonk forward with the aim of having a positive impact on the landscape and environment by utilising innovative technology.

Having qualified with a BSc in Environmental Geoscience from Cardiff University, Adam’s career has included agricultural and environmental projects.

Adam also supports trainees and apprentices as they develop their careers through a variety of roles on the estate..


Tina Rostock – Principal Manager

Tina has been with Trelonk since the very beginning having joined the company in 2016, following a successful career in Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations with a luxury hotel brand. 

Tina has supported the growth of the business and is familiar with all aspects of the day to day management of the Estate, she has been responsible for building the team and has been instrumental in cultivating a positive, forward thinking, innovative culture into everyday life here at Trelonk.

Tina is looking forward to conducting research and exploring opportunities to bring the new Trelonk product range to market.

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